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Death & Dying

Do we all have an unconscious death urge?

Where am I?

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Daryl Ochs
Daryl Ochs

What's a death urge? Who is "All"?
Is it nurture or nature?
Are there other possibilities?
Do I really want things to be different?

Ahonu & Aingeal Rose
Ahonu & Aingeal Rose

Yes, we certainly have a death urge.  It can also be called 'self-sabotage' or anything we do that is contrary to life as goodness and well-being.  For a scientific explanation here is a link:

"All" is all of us.  As long as we die, we have a death urge.  many say this is the 'natural' way, but is it?  Or is it a result of our own self destruct thoughts and opinions?

"Nurture" implies life force, which promotes more life.

Of course, there's endless possibilities....

Do you really want things to be different?  That's entirely up to you! 

Tyrone Richardson
Tyrone Richardson

I believe we were born with the desire to die. I'm not sure how it works but there must be some configuration in the dna that begins at conception and works its way inexorably towards death of the physical body. I wish it was not so, but the evidence is all round us. I'd love to hear other people's input into this.