1. We’re not just carrying our own personal grief, we’re carrying world grief, collective grief.
  2. It is wise to have physical stores, to take care of your community.
  3. Uncertainty is just the cycle we’re in, so don’t be afraid.
  4. Take care of each other and ensure that you have a heat, and light source, and food.
  5. We’re putting too much emphasis on the outer world and not enough on our inner world.
  6. It is time to go within because the outer world is just a projection of consciousness.
  7. It is not us versus them, because everything is a projection of ourselves.
  8. It’s not about fighting anything - it’s about how well we know and conduct ourselves.
  9. Source says, so what, when people propagate fear about financial collapse!
  10. If things collapse, they will rise again - it’s the nature of our world.
  11. There are always solutions to every problem.
  12. Our emotions are a good indicator of what’s going on in our own subconscious beliefs.
  13. There have been many times in the past when this world has come through a period of collapse and rebirth.
  14. Collapse carries ancient grief with it.
  15. Ask yourself how anything relates to you and find out, is it anger, grief, loss, etc?
  16. Don’t censor your feelings. Feelings are the key to understanding.
  17. Journal by asking, what does grief mean to me? What does sadness mean to me? What does loss mean to me, or what does death mean to me?
  18. You have the power to reverse everything because everything is in your consciousness.
  19. All that is not love will come up for reconciliation in this time of change.
  20. The memory of the entire universe is inside everyone.
  21. Kundalini is an electrical fire that is our God/Source and power of nature within us.
  22. Virtues like compassion are all in the higher mind.
  23. By choosing the eternal life paradigm, we are not concerned with death, but with bringing heaven here.
  24. To create peace in the world, we must create it inside ourselves first.
  25. We are loved by God forever is as true for you as for the most heinous criminal.
  26. When you come to that place of harmlessness, you automatically are in the higher mind and are more loving.
  27. Refrain from judgment of all kinds and trust that all is well.
  28. Look to, and only see, love everywhere and in everyone.
  29. While many feel powerless and defenseless, the truckers are bringing awareness and hope to people.
  30. Ukraine and Russia have old, unresolved issues that are left over as if from childhood memories.
  31. Ukraine and Russia have much potential for a beautiful reconciliation.
  32. We carry the history of the universe in our bodies.
  33. When triggered, ask for it to be resolved because it has the potential for you to come to peace with yourself and your place in the world.
  34. Don’t blanket issues, but ask, where is the forgiveness that has to happen?
  35. Our DNA is made up of history.
  36. Vaccinations are like radiation in that, if you are vibrating at a high enough frequency, it will have no effect.
  37. Many people have contracted to leave during this time.
  38. Life on Earth is a starburst of charged life elements, and life on Earth happens as a result.
  39. The purpose of life is to create more life.
  40. There’s always more life force energy.
  41. Life is to enjoy and create and celebrate, not to judge, criticize, or waste on negativity or lower consciousness authority figures.
  42. Death is a wonderful entry into a new level of consciousness.
  43. Elevate your mind and be in discovery.
  44. Not everyone’s twin flame is on Earth, and if they are, sometimes they’re not meant to meet.
  45. Sometimes there’s a personal purification that must happen before twin flames meet.