Eyeliner for round eyes can be a challenge for some. If you have big, round eyes, chances are you get tired of applying the same look over. You want something new each time but not going overboard and painting your eyes too bright. Here are some tips on how you can apply eyeliner for round eyes without making them look artificial.

When it comes to eyeliner for round eyes, your application should primarily be on the outside of the eye to elongate the eye into an unusual shape. Apply a light line along the top lash line to define the area and highlight the eye. Short, sharp lines are best. Long, thin lines will draw attention to your eyes. Play up both the top and bottom lash line with either a short, drawn-in wing or with smudged darker liner on the top and bottom to make the effect.

Use of Mascara to Make Your Eye Look Complete and Beautiful

This next tip is excellent for all eyeliner tips but especially for those with round eyes. Use a darker shade of eye shadow to create a darker appearance around the eye itself. To create a soft look, try using an eyeliner near the crease of the eye to soften the look and emphasize the round shape of your eye. You can also add a bit of mascara along the lashes to make your eye look complete and beautiful.

For those with small eyes but big eyes, the best eyeliner tips are for larger areas. To create a defined look, go from the inside out and draw outward from the eye as if you were trying to draw a line from the eye socket to the outer edge of the eyebrow. Use a darker line on top of your eye just below the natural crease for those with small eyes but large foreheads. To soften the look, even more, add in some light liner in the same spot. Finish the look off with some glitter mascara.



Curling the Eyelashes with a Small Curling Iron

Those with large foreheads but small eyes can lift their eyelashes with false eyelashes to add definition to their eye shape and create length. To do this, start by curling the eyelashes with a small curling iron. Curl each of your lashes three times, then lift them off of the curl and add them back into place.

  • · This next tip is for those with circular-shaped eyes. To achieve a more defined look:
  • · Start by lining the bottom lash line up along your eyelashes and filling any gaps with shadow.
  • · For those with flat eye shadow, start to curl the lashes upward at the bottom before curling the bottom lashes out.
  • · Use a white pencil eyeliner at the top lash line for a definition.
  • · Use black pencil eyeliner along the bottom lash line for a defined look for those with longer eyelashes.

Draw a Thin Line down The Center of Your Eye

One last eyeliner trick for those with hooded eyes is to draw a thin line down the center of your eye, under your eyebrow. Then apply a bit of false eyelash at the bottom and blend it into the line at the top. It gives your eyes definition and dimension. The type of eyeliner you choose will depend on your eye shape, but few options. Semi-permanent eyeliners that are smudge-proof are great if you have hooded eyes or if you don't want to reapply all the time.

For those with almond-shaped eyes, the best type of eyeliner is a gel liner. It gives a nice natural look and also helps prevent eye fatigue. You can apply this with an eyeliner brush or a fingertip. This eyeliner style is excellent for both short and long-term wear. For more permanent results, visit an eyeliner specialist.